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The X-Door is a live escape game or room escape game which is all the rage throughout Spain since early 2014 and has now arrived in Alicante!

It is a 100% original, creative game, which has been played by thousands of teams already. A brand new and amazing room escape game in Alicante, which you’ll remember for a long time.

What is it exactly? Very easy. Gather a team of 2-5 people and just book a gaming session. We will lock you in a mysterious and unsettling room full of strange objects and puzzles of all kinds. Your mission is to figure out how to escape the room in less than 60 minutes.

Once you enter the room, time will not go by as normal. That’s guaranteed. You’ll focus on the game so much that you’ll only be able to think about getting out. In order to achieve this, it is pointless to use strength or agility, or mathematical or cultural knowledge. What matters are your powers of observation, your intuition, your imagination and, above all, teamwork. Only if you play together as a team and organize yourselves in the best possible way you will reach the final objective. And if you do, you will experience the incredible adrenaline rush felt by all the players who escape before time runs out!

It is an amazing game to have fun with friends, family, colleagues or even as a couple. Furthermore, there are no horror elements at all in the game, so it is suitable for all kinds of people.

The price is € 50 per team.