preitvVehicle Inspection

All vehicles registered in Spain are required to perform a technical inspection (ITV ) to verify the optimal operation of the vehicle elements on which their security.

A PRE – ITV is our Vehicle Checkup Cuyo major sin fin is the ITV Moving Problems A review before the Review Officer required by law . System , Brake Lights, tires and the exhaust gases of defects that are more repeated itself when the Technical Inspection Switch , son and Leading Causes That Make Us Spend A 2nd revision.


What elements are reviewed in the Department of Pre – Inspection:

1.- Vehicle Exterior : Mirrors , moons, number plates .

2.- Body : Conservation Status Of The Same , FRAME , floor and underside of the vehicle .

3. FUNCIÓNamiento Window and Door , Locking Mechanisms .

4.- OPERATION of Seat Belts .

5. Lighting: Position Lights , and low beam , indicators, brake lights , Reverse light .

6.- frame , engine and transmission : engine, Noise Level , Type Gas Emission

7.- Circuit Brakes : Effective OPERATION and Balance.

8.- Axles Suspension : shocks and ball joints

9.- Address: Possible detection of gaps.

10.- Horn and Wipers : correct OPERATION